Posted by admin On Juli - 19 - 2010

Die deutschen Extrem-Metaller von NEAERA haben die Aufnahmen ihres sehnlichst erwarteten neuen Albums „Forging The Eclipse“ abgeschlossen! NEAERA selbst kommentieren das wie folgt: “We are very, very happy and proud to announce that after almost four weeks in the studio, the recordings for our next full length are finally finished!

The recorded material will be sent to Antfarm Studios, Denmark, this week to receive the finishing touches in the mixing and mastering process, which will be conducted by none other than Mr. Tue Madesn himself.
As promised, we will upload some small clips from the studio to give you guys an impression of how the recordings went.

The clips will be uploaded to our new Neaera OFFICIAL Facebook site. Please search for NEAERA OFFICIAL on Facebook and become a fan to get the latest updates.”

Die Drums für die Platte wurden im Stage One Studio im Beisein von Andy Classen eingetrümmert, während der Rest der Aufnahmen unter der Ägide von Alexander Dietz stattfand. Mix und Mastering erledigt momentan Tue Madsen (HEAVEN SHALL BURN, DARK TRANQUILLITY, MOONSPELL).

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