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Posted by Radu On Februar - 22 - 2017

HypocrisyGanze vier Jahre sind verstrichen, seitdem das letzte HYPOCRISY Album “End Of Disclosure” die Lautsprecher erschĂĽttert hat. Peter Tägtren hat sich vermehrt PAIN gewidmet, während Horgh emsig bei IMMORTAL die Kessel rĂĽhrt. Grund genug fĂĽr Peter, um den Fans ein aktuelles Update zu geben, das auf weitere Geduld vorbereiten soll:

Hi everyone! (Again)
I get alot Of questions reg HYPOCRISY

“This is my thoughts”
(I can’t speak/write for the other members)

I have a hard time being motivated of writing new songs for that band.

I feel that after 26 years of building up the band to its status today in the world,
then I think…
where do we go from here??

I’m really happy to see Horgh is busy with new Immortal
And that will buy some time to figure out what to do in the best of interest of Hypocrisy and what is respectful to our loving fans all over the globe..

Do we have to release a new album?
Can we just do some tours or festivals
til/if the motivation is back?

I don’t know.. I just don’t wanna be apart of a half lame & stressed album..

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