Posted by Lizzy On September - 14 - 2014

Michael Sweet (STRYPER) und Georgy Lynch (DOKKEN/LYNCH MOB) haben in Gedenken an den 11. September 2001 und die damit verbundene Tragödie einen Song namens “September” veröffentlicht. Das Lyricvideo dazu findet ihr unten. Der Song stammt vom angekĂĽndigten Studioalbum, welches im Februar 2015 auf den Markt kommen soll.

Michael Sweet: “The song September was written as a simple reminder to stand strong against our adversaries and even more important, to stand united. We are resilient and although we have faced some of the most horrific events imaginable, we will rise above all due to our spirit, love, bravery and determination. Love conquers hate and that will never change.”

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