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Posted by Anna On September - 16 - 2013

Im November gibt’s was Neues von den holländischen Deathern PESTILENCE auf die Ohren: “Obsideo” erscheint am 11.11. ĂĽber Candlelight Records, die Tracklist gibt es bereits jetzt:

01. Obsideo
02. Displaced
03. Aura Negative
04. NecroMorph
05. Laniatus
06. Distress
07. Soulrot
08. Saturation
09. Transition
10. Superconscious

Hier die offizielle Meldung:

“Produced by vocalist/guitarist Patrick Mameli, the album is the band’s inaugural recording for the label and first new material from the four-piece since 2011.

“We have gone beyond our human limits to achieve the highest form of brutal music,” reveals Mameli when discussing the album’s creation. “The musicianship is such high quality; it is really ten of the most demanding songs written in death metal.”

Together with long-time guitarist Patrick Uterwijk, Mameli, bassist George Maier and drummer Dave Haley deliver a blistering and genre-lifting effort. “I am chuffed to have Dave in the lineup,” confirmed Mameli earlier this year while discussing the band’s updated cast. “He is one of the best extreme drummers in the world and his talent bring Pestilence to new levels. George is a young and talented bass player that will turn some heads. Both are really down to earth and real easy going guys. Patrick, of course, is my most respected and long-going friend and musician.”

Obsideo boasts Mameli and his innovative guitar work. Utilizing eight-string guitars for the album’s recording, the celebrated musician expands his already massive arsenal of riffs. “The eight string guitar opens a lot of doors,” notes Mameli. “It gives lots of new musical options and allows us to make the music sound more brutal than before. It also forces me to sing in a higher pitch because I don’t want my vocals in the way of the low-tuned guitar parts. My vocals sound more intense and manic than before.”

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