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Posted by admin On April - 1 - 2010

Die deutschen Thrash Metaller DEW-SCENTED veröffentlichen  das Frontcover zum kommenden Album “Invocation”, welches am 21. bzw. 24. Mai 2010 ĂĽber Metal Blade in Europa veröffentlicht wird.
Sänger Leif Jensen: “We were lucky to work with Björn / Killustrations again and he did an amazing job on this one, nailing down an apocalyptic artwork that fits perfectly to our style as well as the concept/vibe of ‚Invocation’. Total Thrash! We have been working with Killustrations non-stop for all our albums and merchandising matters since 2003’s release ‚Impact’ and are once more very proud of the final results!”

DEW-SCENTED – Invocation:
1. Downfall (Instrumental)
2. Arise From Decay
3. The Invocation
4. Have No Mercy On Us
5. Artificial Life
6. Condemnation
7. Totem (Instrumental)
8. Torn To Shreds
9. Revel In Contempt
10. A Critical Mass
11. Global Hysteria
12. Slaves Of Consent

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