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Posted by Radu On März - 29 - 2016

FeriumDie israelischen FERIUM haben den Nachfolger ihres DebĂĽtalbum aus dem jahr 2014 eingetĂĽtet, der am 21.April das Licht der Welt erblicken wird. Das Album hört auf den Namen “Behind The Black Eyes” und wurde von Elram Boxer produziert und abgemischt. Die Band gab folgendes Statement zum Album ab:

“Aggression is the most important thing about Metal in our opinion. It has been an important outlet for so many people, including ourselves. We write the music from the bottom of our souls. The creative minds behind Ferium have experienced deceit, unfaithfulness, heartbreak, betrayal, pain and loss, all of which creates a sonic portrayal of aggressiveness and frustration in an effort to solve all of life’s struggles, and to turn them into positive and empowering experiences.

With our lyrical concept revolving personal relationships, emphasizing a story from the protagonists point of view, our new album has a much more direct and cohesive approach than Reflections, Behind the Black Eyes is a concept album, which makes it much easier to imagine yourself being in the story through vocals that play a big role in creation of the atmosphere and the huge groove riffing. Eliran Kantor’s (TESTAMENT, ATHEIST, HATEBREED) mesmerizingly brutal cover artwork gives the lyrical concept the image it deserves.”

Track list:

1. Aftermath
2. Power Is All That Matters
3. A Journey We Had
4. Revelation.
5. Losing The Grip
6. She Feels Like Home
7. Seven Years of Seven Levels of Hell
8. We Fell Apart, We Fall Together
9. A Free Man

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