Posted by Uli On Juni - 25 - 2014

belphegor-conjuring-the-deadDas diabolische Death/Black Metal Schwadron BELPHEGOR hat soeben das offizielle Lyricvideo zu ‘Gasmark Terror’ veröffentlicht.‘Gasmark Terror’ entstammt dem neuen BELPHEGOR Album »Conjuring The Dead«, welches am 05. August (Nord Amerika), 08. August (EU/Brasilien/Japan) und 11. August (UK/FR) via Nuclear Blast erscheint. Helmuth kommentiert:” BELPHEGOR is the blood in my veins. Highly appreciated when demons enjoy our death-magick! If ppl are offended, also fine by me. We are still consistent, brutal, and march worldwide without compromise. ‘Gasmark Terror’. A Death/ Black Metal neck-breaking hellride. Push play and adjust your speakers to max volume. An honor – this horror.“

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