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Posted by admin On Januar - 17 - 2010

Die L.A. Metallegende ARMORED SAINT verkündet mit Spaß in den Backen die Tracklist für das anstehende neue Album La Raza, dem ersten Album der Band seit der 2001er Zusammenstellung Nod to the Old School. La Raza wurde in den Tranzformer Studios in Burbank, Kalifornien aufgenommen und von Bassist Joey Vera produziert und von Bryan Carlstrom und seinem Assistenten John Nuss engineered.

La Raza Tracklisting
1. Loose Cannon
2. Head On
3. Left Hook from Right Field
4. Get Off the Fence
5. Chilled
6. La Raza
7. Black Feet
8. Little Monkey
9. Blues
10. Bandit Country

Bassist, Produzent und Gründungsmitglied Joey Vera kommentiert den ungewöhnlichen Aufnahmeprozeß zu La Raza:
“We used nothing but analog gear, most of which was custom built by Rupert Neve for Bryan Carlstrom. We hit every signal (drum mics, guitars, vocals) with custom or vintage analog gear before recording into Pro Tools. We even used rare vintage amps for most of the guitar overdubs. At mix time, we mixed on an SSL 4000E console and went to a 1 inch tape reel (one of only 2 on the west coast) for our final masters. Uh…you DO know what tape is, don’t you?

What does this all mean? It means we spit in the ear of the age of the mp3, teenie, tiny ear bud listening culture that has turned its back on what it means to experience music. This record is FAT. We mean, obese! Full on cardiovascular failure stuff! Old School, Baby!”

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