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Posted by admin On Oktober - 24 - 2010

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Die östereichischen Highspeed Death/Black Metaller von BELPHEGOR haben den Titel ihres neuen Albums bekannt gegeben. Das Werk wird: “BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE” heissen und wird am 14 Januar via Nuclear Blast veröffentlicht werden.

Das offizielle Statement findet ihr hier:

BELPHEGOR have wrapped up the work on their new black/ death metal masterpiece!
And they also revealed the album title: “BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE”!
Produced by legend Peter Tägtgren at his Abyss Studios in Pärlby, Sweden and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren.
The album will be released on January 14th in Europe and February 8th in North America via Nuclear Blast records.
This will be the most epic and monumental BELPHEGOR Werk to date“, commented Helmuth.
Watch out for the tracklist, trailer and cover artwork of “BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE” which will be revealed soon!

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