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Posted by Radu On März - 23 - 2015

Mit Spannung wird das neue Werk der legendären PARADISE LOST erwartet. Erste Infos, dass es wieder zurück zu den Anfangstagen der Band gehen soll, lassen die Spannung steigen. Das enthüllte Coverartwork spricht dabei eine recht eindeutige Sprache.Kreiert hat das Cover der polnische Künstler Zbigniew M. Bielak, der bereits Watain und Ghost ein Artwork verpasst hat. Anbei ein Statement von dem Künstler:

“Since their late 80’s inception, through somber abrasiveness of their debut and harrowing tristesse of groundbreaking “Gothic”, the unparalelled icons of gloom, PARADISE LOST grew deep into all things murky and dreadful in modern music. Let alone Duncan Fergado’s artwork for their “Lost Paradise” debut remains one of my fave covers, so having heard that with “The Plague Within” the band harks back to days of old, was – to say the least – a thrilling incentive to pick up the commision. It was also a rare joy to see how prelimnarily calm and reflective Arcimboldian artwork, kept becoming ever darker and more sinister past each of Nick’s and Greg’s scrutinies, to finally become what one can see on the actual cover. A portrait of hopless decrepitude of mental illness – which is what ‘The Plague Within’ deals with thematically – where the tormented Sisyphus struggles to push his burden back up the slippery walls of a long frozen illusion.”

Am 1. Juni 2015 erscheint “The Plague Within” über Century Media.

Paradise Lost

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